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For too long people have been divided by culture, religion, politics and race; and now there’s a new kid on the block – Coronavirus. Here is something that threatens to destroy lives throughout the world, so it’s a global issue. Yet, instead of people, countries and governments coming together to fight it, we are becoming further divided, especially by the believers and non-believers. With this and every other form of threat that the people have ever faced, the problem lies in our perspective. Each of us sees life and each other from our own perspective and each of us has different perspectives, hence the dilemma. The only thing that we all have the same perspective on is our view of our planet – from the ground.

Even when we gaze upwards at the night sky, we’re observing other stars and planets, not our own. Yet, it is here on planet Earth that we are living our lives and struggling with our issues. If only each of us could be an astronaut for a day and view the world from an external vantage point. We would experience an entirely new and different perspective of our planet and our place in the Universe. No words or instructions would be needed, our heart would say it all. Our thoughts, beliefs and wisdom would be changed at a stroke and our desire to be a part, not apart, form the rest of humanity would be sealed forever.

Russell Schweickart flew on the Apollo 9 mission. Recounting his experience of looking down at Earth, he said:

“You identify with Houston and you identify with New Orleans… and that whole process of what it is you identify with begins to shift. When you go around the Earth in an hour and a half, you begin to recognize that your identity is with that whole thing. That makes a change. You look down there and you can’t imagine how many border and boundaries you cross… and you don’t even see them. There you are—hundreds of people in the Mideast killing each other over some imaginary line that you’re not even aware of and you can’t see.”

Colonel Chris Hadfield discusses his incredible experience seeing the Earth from space, and how he suddenly understood the entire world as a single system. Having a vision of the interconnectedness of all life, even to the point of having a spiritual experience, seems to be a regular part of taking a trip to space and looking back.

Each of us is as a cell in the body of Mother Earth. We are not separate. We are part of the whole living entity and that is why we should forget divisions and come together as a whole for our physical and spiritual survival.

Global Oneness

Amid the worst global health crisis of recent times, we are once again running around like rabbits in the headlights, with little sense of direction or understanding of why we should be dealt this devastating blow. After all, why do we deserve this?

Well, we don’t deserve anything - good or bad. Instead life is about challenges not rewards. Life is a school, not a self-indulgent pleasure trip. We don’t get what we want, we get what we need. That’s how we learn to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s called human evolution, spiritual growth.

And what this specific experience is teaching us (if we’re prepared to listen and learn), is that no-one regardless of nationality, culture, status, religious or political belief, is immune to it. The coronavirus as well as global warming, is not selective, it affects us all. Whoever or whatever you are and wherever you live.

It brings us down to Earth, with an almighty bump.

Gradually we are being shown, not our individuality, divisions and separations, but our collective oneness. Humanity is the whole of which each of us is a part, but not apart. Humanity is a family, all struggling to make sense of our physical existence and we should do this by acknowledging our common relationship not our differences.

Global travel has made the world a much smaller place, hence viruses like this are more easily and quickly spread, ironically making us a victim of our success. We should use that success to embrace each other’s cultures and nationalities so we can fight these adversities and events together.

I’d like to see all politicians and world leaders working together on this, in support of all the people of the world. Forget individual differences, this is not about man, it’s about mankind.

The biggest sin that man can be accused of, is his inherent need to separate himself from his fellow man. There is no them and us, we are all US.” – John Weaver

The Big Picture

“I may only be a tiny part of the Universe, but without me the Universe is incomplete.”

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A few months ago, I read a prophecy that someone made following a near-death experience. The content of the report had me really interested up to the point where they said they were shown a glimpse of the future. It was at this point that I began to doubt the experience, because they told of a future totally unlike what I (or they) would have expected.

Instead of a world of ultimate technology such as we would see in a futuristic movie, with flying cars, artificial intelligence, super-luxury lifestyles and so on, they spoke of a world almost void of materialism. They told of people wearing simple clothing and eating fruit from the trees and produce from the soil. Their homes were simple but sufficient, and they had no need for the motor car or any desire to travel far. No planes in the skies, no vessels on the seas, no industry or manufacturing, no visible infrastructure whatsoever. No supermarkets or shops, and no money passed hands, because Nature provided.

The weather always struck a perfect balance between sunshine that gave correct levels of warmth to sustain them and rain enough to drink and bathe and to nourish the crops that provided enough food for everyone. There was no theft because people accepted what they needed not what they wanted, and everything, including possessions were distributed equally, so there was no greed, no selfishness. There was no adversity or envy because everyone lived at the same level, there were no power-mad leaders or politicians because they simply weren’t needed. Everyone took responsibility for their own lives and the needs of others. They had no material wants or desires, no worries or fears, and so they were happy.

The author asked if he was being shown the past by mistake as this is how he thought people had lived thousands of years ago.

‘No’ came the reply. ‘In the past, people would have struggled to live like this. But thanks to evolution, life has gone full circle and provided the knowledge and wisdom of experience to create a perfect future.’      

The report concluded that everything changed when a plague infected humanity at the same time the earth had begun to die due to environmental abuse. And so, to save the people and the planet, Nature took its course.

When the plague subsided and the environment improved, people had got used to living without the luxury of commodities and were now in the habit of supporting and serving each other. They now placed a higher value on their health and well-being than on material desires and power.

All geographical barriers were gone, all countries were as one. People of all nationalities and cultures had been obliged to work together to save mankind. Gone was the need for power and conflict as shoulder to shoulder, all men had been fighting the same battle and for the same cause…survival of the people and the planet.

  • John Weaver