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Whatever you believe or don’t believe and whichever way you look at it, it becomes clear that God exists. The only bone of contention is about what God is.

Before you can disbelieve in something you must have some concept of what that something is. You cannot disbelieve (or believe) in nothing.

Among many atheists and others, the disbelief is that of God being a bearded old man sitting on a cloud, loving where necessary and punishing where necessary. Or at the least, a humankind figure with superhuman powers. Little wonder God has become so distant to so many.

Look, ultimately, any intelligent person must accept that there is an intelligent creator of some kind otherwise the universe and all life forms could not exist. If you prefer to accept the Big Bang leading to Evolution theory, you must also accept that whatever caused it required elements that were created. Nothing can exist without a creator, the creatures we are supposed to have evolved from or the chemicals, gases and materials that caused the big bang.



Even the asking of this question suggests a cause, a creator.

It is ironic therefore, that scientists and other seemingly logical realists all accept the laws of cause and effect while still proclaiming that Everything was caused by Nothing.

The law of cause and effect states that nothing can exist without a cause. Thought is the cause and the manifestation of that thought is the effect.

For example, the chair you’re sitting on and the page you’re looking at and every other material thing in the world began as a thought – in someone’s mind. Even you, began as a thought in your parent’s mind.

Before anything, even the tiniest microbe - there had to be an intelligent, creative mind.

Thought precedes Everything.

Which brings us to the one exception that did not begin as a thought, because it didn’t begin.

It always was.

Infinitely, eternally, timelessly – It always existed.

This single factor confirms IT is above creation because IT IS Creation. Absolute. Supreme. Unquestionable. Unequivocal. Final.

So, what shall we call it?

Let’s call it God.


-John Weaver

The Silver Fox

This Is Not A Religious Site

This is not a religious site. If you're religious great, you obviously believe in a God. If you're not religious great, you don't need religion to live a good and fulfilling life. If you're an atheist, fine, it doesn't matter if you don't believe in God just so long as God believes in You!

The important thing is that you are a 'spiritual' being - we all are - we are spiritual by default, we are religious by choice. Man created Religion, God created Man.

So, to make things easier to understand, I shall remove the word 'God' which divides believers and non-believers, and instead I'll use the words 'force or Source' as in The Force and Source of Universal Nature. I hope we all believe in nature as it surrounds us in its entirety. Nature feeds, nourishes and sustains us. It gives us life with air to breathe and energy to live. On a grander scale it also controls the movement of planets, creation of galaxies and enables constant expansion of itself. Nature is fundamentally creative, intelligent and loving - that's how it works so perfectly.

Each of us is a part of nature, though not apart from it. It's purpose in creating, supporting and protecting us, shows it is a force of unlimited power and love. Of course you can call it God if you like.

Do you see how our beliefs are determined by a simple word? By changing the word, we change our beliefs.

We are not a physical body occasionally having a spiritual experience, we are a spiritual body constantly having a physical experience. So, now you know.


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