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You Are Not Your Body

The cells in your body are constantly dying and being replaced by new ones. This means that approximately every seven years, you have a new body.

Your whole physical life is a process of birth, death and rebirth. Physically and biologically you are no longer the person you once were. However, your consciousness which is non-physical, does not deteriorate, decay and die, it simply moves on..

Ultimately, you no longer have the same body you were born with which proves that You are not your body, You are your consciousness.

From birth to child to youth to adult to elderly to death...and then on to life beyond, and perhaps to rebirth.


Our Five Senses

To illustrate how little, we know of the world and universe around us, someone once used the analogy of a fixed torch in a vast warehouse at night. Of all the stock and items stored, only those picked up by the beam of the torch represented reality. The remainder, bathed in darkness and not visible to our senses, were to all intents and purposes, not there. They simply did not exist.

Our reality is based on just five senses and even those senses are limited compared to some other living creatures. We have therefore come to believe that only that which is revealed through our five senses is real and that nothing exists outside of what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Now, imagine for a moment that we had 6, 8 or 10 senses, instead of the limiting 5? Just think how much more aware we would be, how much more knowledge we would have, how much more able and advanced we would be?

See, nothing is invisible, it’s just that we can’t see it; nothing is silent, it’s just that we can’t hear it, and so on. Indeed it is possible that you are, at this very moment, surrounded by an incredible dimension of unimaginable beauty, deceased relatives and friends, a vast field of knowledge and wisdom, the existence of which you cannot perceive through your limited senses but that nevertheless is there right now, occupying the same space..

What this proves is that we take our senses for granted and cannot accept anything that is not within their power. Only when we open our minds to all possibilities, visible, tangible or not, will we eventually discover the reality, the truth and complete enlightenment.

- John

YOU are Consciousness

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